Old Sarum

Salisbury was our choice for a stop-over on the homeward journey from Devon.

View from the top of Old Sarum hill towards Salisbury. Our campsite is in the foreground.
Sunday afternoon cream tea by the cathedral. (Jenny preferred Coca Cola to tea, by the way. And the vaguely phallic object bearing the number 26 is our table number.) After this we attended evensong, and heard the choir in action.
And after the quire came the quaffing … where better than the Haunch of Venison? Jenny (inside) awaits the arrival of the photographer (currently outside) and waves a mug of beer teasingly.
The delightfully anachronistic interior of the Haunch of Venison. As there was only one other customer, on this occasion, we soon got talking … an American chap of eclectic interests, who was visiting Salisbury for a history festival, and whose main day-job was as an actor in a TV soap!
It was an unfortunate coincidence that during our weekend in Salisbury the incident involving novichok in a perfume bottle was unfolding, with fatal consequences. The bottle was found on the route we took on Sunday as we walked from the camp site to the cathedral . We were unaware of the significance of the incident (as were those involved) until a day or two later.

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