Dieppe to Bilbao “au naturel” (unillustrated)

Our flagship summer trip for 2018. All the campsites (apart from Orio) were nudité obligatoire. Trip dates: 28 August to 12 September 2018.

The journey south

Bienvenue en France! The time: well before dawn. The place: somewhere between Dieppe and Rouen. The darkness was expected, but the torrential rain was a surprise.
First overnight stop, near Orleans. As the weather was a bit naff, we went out for lunch. Only one eating establishment open, but the quality of the nosh was never in doubt, despite the lack of competition.
Our corner of the campsite at the club, which is sometimes known as “Joie et santé” (loosely translating to “health and happiness”).
Second overnight stop. St Saturnin, near Clermont Ferrand.
Our camping spot at St Saturnin.
A pleasing view of the Auvergne stretching away from the campsite.

Destination 1 — Cap d’Agde

Our pitch in Allée Dune at CHM Oltra. Always a pleasant place to spend a few days, in our experience.
Heading along the coast from Agde towards Sete.
Our bikes took us to Sete, where a serious cavalcade of bikers was passing through.
Six belles moyennes. In the absence of my oyster knife and a gauntlet, I used a Swiss army knife and a cycling mitten.
A spot of lunch by the pool in Port Ambonne.
Coffees at the quayside on our cycling trip to the textile part of Cap d’Adge.
This unidentified flying object was attached to a tree at the back of our camping pitch. Believed to be insect-related, but does anyone know what it is?
In the gloaming at “the camping”.

Destination 2 — Arnaoutchot

Cycling possibilities in the sandy forests of the expanses of Les Landes.
Creature of the moment poses for the camera.
Lunch at the intriguingly named “La Guinguette Why Not” cocktail bar
Lunch continues.
Our corner of Arnaoutchot.
The little temple at the motorway aire where we stopped for our picnic, ‘twixt Arnaoutchot and Orio.

Homeward bound

The campsite at Orio in Spain … it was better than might appear, pleasantly situated and handy for the town and the beach.
The immaculately-prepared beach, largely bereft of human life. The campsite is behind the beach on the left.
We arrived at the Bilbao in good time for our ferry.
Always an exciting moment — driving a wide vehicle up a narrow ramp aboard the Cap Finistere.
The Bay of Biscay in one of its more peaceful moods.
The sun sets on our French/Spanish escapade.

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