Our Broadway debut

Off to the Cotswolds, where we camped just a few metres from the “GWR” — in this case, the splendid Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway. Trip dates: 4 – 7 April 2019.

The tranquil delights of Willersley. All the locals we encountered were unexpectedly chatty and friendly.
One of our reasons for visiting Willersley was to take “the boat” to the Auto-Sleeper factory, where they fitted a manual water-filler (bottom right) which will speed up the business of topping up the on-board fresh water supply.
The impressive Broadway station, recently re-constructed. A year or so ago, there was no track and no station.
Once again, we managed to get plum seats. We liked this driver, who was clearly enjoying being at the controls.
Armchair railway preservationist.
Jenny’s favourite goods van. In our opinion, the distressed, lived-in look trumps umpteen coats of glossy varnish.
An arty shot. Ducky.
Possibly a Welsh mountain breed?
Candid shot of Matathew in pensive mood.
Colourful stonework, at Willersley church I think.
We quickly decided to adopt the Crown and Trumpet as our “local” for the duration of our stay.
Our pitch, with the bikes loaded ready for departure in the morning. To the right of the pollarded tree is the former railway goods shed, which now serves as campsite facilities, and a museum.

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